Dresser for our little princess

We continue to work on Madison’s room…slowly, but surely we will get it done. 🙂 I bought an old dresser from a friend for $30. My hubby sanded it down and I painted it white with pink drawers. It turned out way nicer than I thought it was going to. We are doing a variety of girly colors in her room to give it a little pop. We started with the letters in her name, now the pink on her dresser and the accent wall in her room will be purple. Not too much color to over power, but enough to make the room super cute! Hopefully this weekend we will have the room all painted and I can start put things on the wall and organizing her furniture. It’s getting close and we are very excited!



Starting Baby Girl’s Room

My husband and I found out we were expecting our second child this past July. We found out at our 20 week ultra sound that it is going to be a girl! I am due the end of March and we are very excited! We had a list of 3 names we wanted to choose from and I really wanted to pick a name by Christmas so we could start her room, but it seemed as though my husband wanted to wait. What I didn’t know is he already had a name picked and surprised me with beautiful white letters to decorate for Christmas. It was such a sweet surprising thing he did!



I decided I wanted to do pinks, purples and greens along with a retro owl theme for her room. I went to my new favorite place (Hobby Lobby) and bought acrylic paint, glue gun and other fun things to put on the letters. Step one was to paint them. The wood soaked up the paint so much I had to do more than 3 coats per letter, but  they turned out really nice!

ImageI then warmed up my handy dandy glue gun and went to town with different trinkets, buttons and other things to put on the letters. Marc was great and helped me decide what should go where. I am so proud of the letters and am excited to get them on the wall!!!!! Such an easy project, but great for customizing a room.




Crafty for Christmas

After my son’s party I was really in the mood to be crafty. It was good timing too since Christmas was right around the corner. I wanted some cute, funky more modern decorations for the year that I could make myself. First I started with letters to put over our sink. I decided JOY would be a good word since that is how I feel and hope most people feel during the holidays. I went to Hobby Lobby to buy the letters, modge podge (which was the first time I used it and now I am hooked) Christmas card stock, and little things here and there for other projects I was going to be doing.ImageI took different design Christmas card stock cut them out to fit the letters, Modge Podged them to the letters, added sparkly ribbon around the edges and ribbon to hang it with. They turned out GREAT!!!! I ended up taking the ribbon to hang them with off as they worked better being put up with the wall mount stuff that doesn’t hurt your walls.


I saw this awesome thing on Pinterest  where you paint ornaments and hang  them over the window. Our back window is just kind of funky and it’s hard decorate or put anything over. So I bought clear ornaments and paint and went to town with all kinds of different patterns. It was really fun and they turned out nice. I put Christmas design ribbon to hang them. I had some left over and put them on the stairs. I must say I am pretty proud of myself. 🙂



I have decided every year I am going to make new things to add to my collection. 🙂 Good stuff.


A Disney Pixar “UP” 1st Birthday Party

Since I have become pregnant with my daughter, my crafty gene has come out full force. It’s kind of weird. Usually I am a buy it sort of lady, but these days I would much rather make it. There is just something about finishing a project and feeling awesome about it! For my son’s first birthday party we had an “Up” theme going. I sent out cute printable invitations with all of the characters on it. I wish I had a picture of it…. Between my mom and I everything for the party (for the most part) was hand made. I wanted people to start the fun experience at the door. With a Pinterest inspired balloon wreath my mom and I made, the party got started right at the door!


Wreath made with a flat Styrofoam wreath, a package of 100 balloons, push pins and a wood number painted blue.

I researched all kinds of different and unique ways to decorate for an Up party. I didn’t want it to be a plain old poster and character set up, I wanted something more unique. I found an example of paper chain links hanging on the wall and I loved it. Now with a baby in the house it took me multiple days to cut stuff out, link them together and glue everything. Once it was all done they looked really cool. When I attached them to the wall (with plain scotch tape) I had to make some adjustments in size and which colors looked better together, but I think they turned out pretty cool. I decided to put the cupcake table in front of them. I added a blue table cloth, a “Happy Birthday” banner and balloons on either side to really bring together the UP theme. I was very pleased with how it all turned out.

Cupcake Table

Cupcake Table

And what Up themed party would be complete with out balloons everywhere? We got our balloons from Party City which had a great selection of colors and could do it the day of the party with out any warning. We will use them more often when we need party supplies.


We had a lot of kiddos at the party. They each got to take a balloon with them which made them very happy!


He seemed to enjoy all of it! A successful party!

The cupcakes we made had small marshmallows on them as clouds and dumb dumb suckers as balloons like they were floating through the air. My awesome neighbor helped make them and they turned out GREAT!!!!!


A new blogging adventure

My sister and her husband blog here about their home improvements and other fun activities in their lives. As my husband and I are about to welcome our second child and have started doing home updates and fun crafts,  they thought I should blog about it…so here I am. My husband is a huge hunter and from Oct-Feb that is sort of his thing which is ok, because I use it as time to come up with all of these fun ideas. (hence the “Tails of a hunting widow) I am pretty excited to get started on this new adventure of blogging.